Conversation Skills 1- 04th June 2024


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Conversation Skills 1:


This PALS module covers the development of conversation skills. It identifies the key building blocks of a conversation and their importance in individual social development. This 6 module programme starts with the fundamentals of starting a conversation and works through the areas of listening, asking and responding to questions, commenting and sensitive topics. A summary sheets is sent after each session with recommendations for ongoing community practice.

Each module takes approximately 45 minutes and is delivered via zoom. A maximum of five children will participate in the sessions. These modules are aimed at children between the ages between 10-14  years old  with good receptive language skills.

Course Dates:

Module 1: (Week 1) – 04/06/24 at 3.30pm

  • Starting a conversation with someone you know
  • Chit-chat

Module 2: (Week 2) – 11/06/24 at 3.30pm

  • Listening
  • Turn Taking
  • Asking Questions
  • Monologging

Module 3: (Week 3) – 18/06/24 at 3.30pm

  • Other people’s questions
  • Why, when, where, how
  • Responding

Module 4: (Week 4) – 25/06/24 at 3.30pm

  • What are comments?
  • Why are comments important?
  • Appropriate comments

Module 5: (Week 5)- 02/07/24 at 3.30pm

  • What are sensitive topics?
  • Why are some topics sensitive?
  • Recognising sensitive topics.

Module 6: (Week 6)- 09/07/24 at 3.30pm

  • Starting and ending a conversation.

How it works:

This programme is delivered online. A weekly zoom link will be sent in advance and we would ask that the participants would log into the programme a few minutes in advance of the start. A quiet space without noise and other distractions is also conducive to getting the most from the programme.

Who will deliver this course?

The course will be delivered by Grace Crowley. Grace has over 10 years experience working with autistic children and has been a presenter on the PALS programme since 2018. Grace was also a key contributor in the development of the online version of the PALS programme.